Seneca Waterways Council Exploring offers a wide range of training opportunities. Attend one of our scheduled training sessions, or gather a group of adults in your organization and a member of the Exploring staff will come to you. Training opportunities include:

Exploring Adult Leader Training:
A comprehensive training program that includes Youth Protection Training, program ideas, best methods, and the tools to help you successfully run an Exploring Post.


Youth Protection Training:
A workshop focused on the recognizing signs of abuse and/or misconduct. Youth Protection Training is a training designed to give you a basic knowledge about abuse of adolescents and the youth protection policies of Learning for Life. Due to the coeducational makeup of the youth being served in Learning for Life, youth protection takes on an added dimension.

It is important to realize that, although child abuse is preconceived as a problem related more to younger children, it is not unusual for adolescents to be victims of abuse also.

The most common forms of abuse are neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse, which are all prevalent in today’s society. Therefore, all adult leaders are obligated to be familiar with the youth protection guidelines of Learning for Life.

Take Youth Protection Training now:
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Additional Training

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